Throughout the decades fairy tales have been among the best loved of Ladybird Books.  Series 413, with traditional stories retold by 'Auntie' Murial Levy was the second series ever published by Ladybird in the 1940s, whilst the original 27 titles of the 1960s series 'Well Loved Tales' (606d) have proved to be the most eduringly popular.



Below you'll see a quick tour through the front covers of the first Ladybird Well Loved Tales books (series 606d)but visit the Well Loved Tales pages for more images and information on these books.



There were a huge number of books issued in the 606d series (Well Loved Tales) and various reformatting and issuing of different versions makes this series a particularly tricky one to get to grips with.  The 606d picture galleries on the next few pages should help you sort out your Eric Winter 'Cinderella' from your Brian Price Thomas 'Cinderella', your Robert Lumley 'Three Little Pigs' from your Steve Smallman 'Three Little Pigs'.


On the left you'll see an index of the different galleries of books in series 606d. Click on the picture on the left that corresponds to the gallery you'd like to view - you'll be taken directly there.


If instead you remember the Fairy Tales from an earlier era of Ladybird books (as re-told by 'Auntie' Murial Levy) you'lll soon be able to click on the image below to visit series 413 - but not just yet!



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The Original 27 Well Loved Tales of series 606d

The new tales added in the revised style to series 606d


The revised style tales which replaced the original 27 tales of series 606d

The books with revised covers which contain two different versions of the same fairy-tale